Interested in reading our results? 

Interested in reading our results?  The full paper, including survey results, will be available upon request as of June 2019. 

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Questions Being Explored

How do co-parenting apps enhance or decrease access to justice and serve the “best interests of the child” in co-parenting disputes?
  • How are apps being mandatorily ordered to be used by Courts?
  • How are apps being voluntarily used?
  • How do the apps work? How might they work better?
  • What issues or problems arise?
  • How does the use of these apps impact upon the best interests of children? On parental conflict levels?

Results projected: Summer 2019

Environmental Scan

  • examples of family law apps providing user support services (versus decision making).
  • Legal research applications (i.e.LexisNexis, Ross Intelligence, Thomson Reuters Legal, Ailira, etc.)
  • Result/Decision Predictive legal applications (i.e. Blue J Legal)
  • Property division/ equalization applications (i.e. SplitUp)
  • Family Law practice support systems (i.e. Clio)
  • Custody swap monitoring (i.e. mobile app Custody Swap)
  • Divorce guidance (LeLo Divorce and Custody)
  • Divorce and Custody management (i.e. OurFamilyWizard)
  • Child Support management (i.e. Express Plus Child Support, CAChild Support, SupportPay, Texas Child Support, etc)

Comparison of Co-Parenting Apps

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Tensions Between Human Dynamics, Tech Solutions & Co-Parenting Conflict Resolution

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