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Helpful Links For Ontario Family Law

This is the Ministry of the Attorney General site that provides accurate information regarding any questions an individual may have on any Family Law processes. It provides direct links to other parts of the website that explore specific Family Law topics (i.e. Divorces, Custody, etc.)

This is another page on the Ministry of the Attorney General that provides, in various languages, all necessary information that is essential to Family Law in Ontario.

This portion of the site relates to FLIC (Family Law Information Centres).

This portion of the site provides information regarding Family Court proceedings as well as provides in-depth guides to the ‘steps’ that take place.

This is the official site for the Ontario Family Law Court. It provides accurate information regarding the court process for both represented and self-represented individuals. It also provides information regarding interpreters, locations, and support workers.

This is the Government of Canada’s website which contains a portion specific to Family Law. There are different forms of information for any individual posted on the site with Hyper-Links attached for easy access, including the Acts that apply directly to Family Law.

This site provides publications that include information that is essential to many Family Law cases and gives an individual insight on any inquiries they might have. This site also allows the individual to search for specific information pertaining to their case as well as specific document formats.

This portion of the CLEO site provides an interactive flowchart for individuals to visually follow along with searching for important information regarding Family Law in Ontario.

This is a blog regarding Family Law in Ontario. It has various pieces written by specialists in the Family Law field that give readers general and specific information regarding various cases. There are also pieces written on the blog that answer some of the reader’s inquiries. This site allows for readers to get a personal perspective on the processes that happen in Family Law and can well-prepare them for anything they might encounter.

This site provides basic information on Family Law in Ontario. There are specific selections that can be made that lead to separate pages where an individual can enter any questions, they may have into the search tool. There is also an FAQ section for each area of Family Law to provide easy access to all the site’s information.

This site provides specific information relating to several areas of Family Law in Ontario. It’s topics include things such as divorce and separation, child custody and access, common law relationships, and many others.

This site provides general information regarding the beginning steps to Family Law actions in Ontario.

Helpful Links Regarding Legal-Aid Family Law in Ontario

This is the main site for the Legal-Aid in Ontario that provides essential information to any individual who thinks that they may qualify for these services. It provides information regarding their Family Law services as well as providing other resources and contact information.

This portion of the site relies information regarding the FLICs (Family Law Information Centres) that are accessible for free advice.

This portion of the site relies information regarding summary legal advice.

This site provides information regarding free legal help in the Family Law system.

This site provides a new resource for Ontarians dealing with a Family Law issueto find legal help

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